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Please Save My Earth by Saki Hiwatari
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If you really want the Music Image Video, you can try ordering the region 2 (UK and Japan) PSME #4 DVD. This DVD has both the 99-minute movie and the music videos. This is part of the recently released box set of PSME DVDs. Supposedly, the French edition of PSME also has the videos, but I can't vouch for that.

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Please Save My Earth is a wonderful OAV series from Hakusensha and Victor Entertainment, based on the shoujou manga of the same name from Hana to Yume (Flowers and Dreams) Comics. Briefly, PSME is about the complex relationship between the seven main characters. These seven all share a common dream of another life: a dream of the moon, each one with a different identity. By coincidence or by fate, they are slowly drawn together in this life, here to replay, undo, or repay actions from their other lives. The anime itself is one of the best I've seen. The animation is very well done, the colors rich and vibrant, and the voice acting is great. What's more, character designs are by Goto Takayuki, whose work also includes Blue Seed, Video Girl Ai, The Samurai, and the Kimagure Orange Road movie. Director Yamazaki Kazuo has also worked on The Samurai and Maison Ikkoku. The one unfortunate thing about PSME is that it's only six episodes long. It would have been much nicer if they'd added a couple more episodes to finish telling the story instead of rushing it.

The Episodes
"The Meeting"
"Memories of the Moon"
"Reincarnation, and then..."

More Info
The Books of PSME
Manga story synopses (Only begun...^_^;)
The Cast
PSME has quite a large cast of characters. Aside from the double set of seven main characters, there are also a number of supporting characters, each with his or her own interesting background and motives. As with the best stories, it is rarely easy to tell who is "good," and who is "bad" in this show. Sometimes it's hard to tell even after the show is over.
The Anime
There are 6 episodes in the Please Save My Earth anime series, each one 30 minutes long. There is also a 99 minute long "movie," which is an encapsulated summary of all six of the episodes, with some brief new material about Alice's and Rin's futures. In addition, there is a half-hour long Please Save My Earth - The Passing of the Golden Age Image Music Video. This features 8 songs all in the same dreamy, nostalgic style of the ending theme.

The Music of PSME
Alice sings!
"Alice sings happy songs"
Besides excellent animation and direction, PSME is remarkable for its intense and appropriate music. The PSME soundtrack, composed by Mizoguchi Hajime and Kanno Yohko (who also did the fantastic music for shows like Macross Plus, Escaflowne, and Cowboy Bebop), features some of the best music of any anime. The haunting, flowing quality of the music fits the series perfectly, so that simply listening to it can transport you into the show's world. If you like the music of PSME, you may be interested in buying the CDs. Take a look at the PSME compact discs page for some information, to see the covers of some of the CDs. For some of these, you can even get the English song lyrics.

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