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(or Bakuen Campus Guardress)
Created by Akahori Satoru and Hagiwara Kazushi

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The Show
Akahori and Hagiwara's intentions were to create a "different kind of sailor-suited girl" comedy, and they've succeeded wildly. CCG is an off-the-wall set of 4 OAVs about (mis)adventures of a high school girl named Jinno Hazumi and her efforts to protect her brother Takumi. This show has very nice animation, good character designs, and some great action sequences. Although not a very deep or thought-provoking show, its intrinsic brand of slightly warped humor (check out the episode titles and the names of the various mystical attacks) still makes it stand out as one of the better shows of 1994.

Briefly, the story behind Campus Guardress is that 30,000 years ago, the dimension known as the Dark World tried to invade and take over the regular world. The invaders were defeated and many pushed back, and their Gateway to the Dark World was sealed. Those who were left behind in this world were known as Remnants. Afterwards, Gateway Campus was established to keep protecting the world. All the inhabitants of Gateway Campus are known as Guardians, and each has special powers to fulfill their duties.

Now, in the present, the leader of the Remnants (Kijima Touta) has awakened after a forced 30,000 year sleep. He means to reopen the Gate and bring the Dark World across again, plus he has a score to settle with the people who defeated him the first time. Or at least, with their reincarnations.

Note: Despite the picture I used in the logo, this is not a "cutesy" show. This is simply one of my favorite scenes. Also note that while the pages are complete now, there aren't too many pictures yet.This will change.
The Episodes
#1: Thump Thump * Shudder Shudder! The Dangerous Siblings!
#2: Nervous Nervous * Sweat Sweat - Finals Are Scarier Than the Enemy!?
#3: Ache Ache * Pant Pant - The Stressful Final Battle!
#4: Shred Shred * Crumble Crumble - There're Many Different Ways of Winning!

Recent Changes
Finally finished writing the episode synopses for Campus Guardress. For those who've been waiting, I apologize for the wait. At long last, here they are! I've also reworked the title page logo to use a picture that I like better. Nothing expresses the sheer silliness of this show better than Hazumi dreaming about her vacation.


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