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 Last updated July 18, 2001
No-Name Anime Reviews
No-Name's Annual San Diego Comic Con Trip
Every year, some of the No-Name staff go to the San Diego Comic Con, and this year was certainly no exception. The 2001 SDCC marks the 32nd anniversary of the convention, making it one of the most venerable cons around. With an attendance in excess of 35,000, it's close to being one of the largest, too.
Here's a quick gallery of photos we've taken so far (or check out Day 2, Day 3, or Day 4):

Just getting on our way
Just getting on our way in our borrowed Jeep.
Due to someone's inattention, we run out of gas!
Mann's Chinese Theater
Stopping in LA, we check out the famous Mann's Chinese Theater.
Animate store front
First stop: the Animate store in LA.
Inside Animate
Animate has lots of anime goodies for our club giveaways!
More goodies
We check out more of Animate's goodies.
Making our purchase
Buying giveaway items. What they are, you'll find out at future meetings.
What is that?!
The folks at Mitsuwa trying to get a float going for some reason.
Inside Mandarake
Inside the Mandarake store. Lots of posters!
Outside Mandarake
The outside of Mandarake.
Outside Mitsuwa building
The outside of Mitsuwa, where Mandarake is located.
First view of San Diego
Our first good view of San Diego.
Hotel pool
A view of the hotel's pools from our room.
View from room
The view from our room.
Mojo Jojo!
Our first con purchase, a Mojo Jojo plushie.

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