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This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the door prizes, but if you've been wondering what the "big" prizes are going to be this month, here are pictures of some of them. Some of these are "big" prizes, and some are just "small" ones.
We'd like to acknowledge the generous contributions from Nikaku Animart and also from the Sony Metreon, both of whom donated a good number of items for our door prizes.
A signed sketch from Hiroshi Aro, the creator of the Futaba-kun Change series (brought to us by the wonderful folks at Studio Ironcat).
The entire collection of Dragonball Z manga (Japanese language version), all 42 of them!
A cool set of Macross girls from Japan!
Then there's the figures from Laputa, which look quite nice.
We also have a Cardcaptor Sakura Clock we picked up in San Diego earlier this year.
The girl and flying robot from the Miyazaki-directed episode of Lupin.
The El Hazard series on tape.
In the truly bizarre category, here's a set of DiGi Charat bath powders we got from a friend in Japan.
Two very cool Gundam models from the nice folks at the Metreon.
A snazzy looking pen, also from the nice folks at the Metreon.
Three Oh! My Goddess! figures, although we don't know if these will be given as a set, or separately.
An Oh! My Goddess! poster from Megami magazine.
Another item from the Metron staff, a T-shirt from The One (starring Jet Li).
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Last updated on December 4, 2001