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April 14th Meeting

Join fellow fans for an afternoon of anime featuring the start of two new shows plus a complete OVA.

Showings are presented in Japanese language audio with English subtitles and are suggested for ages 13 and over unless otherwise specified. Starting times are approximate: Come early! No-Name Anime meetings are presented in and co-sponsored by the Santa Clara City Central Park Library. Many thanks to the library for hosting our meetings in their community rooms. We are usually in Cedar, but on some months, we might be in Redwood instead. To find us, just follow the signs!

12:00 Toradora #14
(Subtitled, High School Romantic Comedy)
"Palm-top Tiger of Happiness" - Following an eventful culture festival, it's typical that new rumors start circulating, but an overnight urban legend? The students start believing that being touched by Taiga will lead to good fortune. Taiga, however, has her own interpretation of the festival's events
— Subtitled by NIS America

12:30 Sound of the Sky #1
(Subtitled, Fantasy Slice-of-Life Drama)
"The Sounds that Fills the Air" and "The City of Dawn" - Kanata is the undeniably bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new recruit as she reports for military duty in an unfamiliar town as the new bugle player apprentice at the outpost. In contrast, each of her new comrades has a distinct personal take on their responsibilities as soldiers, hinting at the different back-stories that may someday be revealed.
— Subtitled by Nozomi Entertainment

12:55 Angel Beats #7 & #8
(Subtitled, High School Action Drama)
"Alive" and "Dancer in the Dark" - Under hypnosis, Otonashi will regain his memories of his life and little sister. He then surprises everyone by inviting Angel on the fishing trip, and the group's once sworn enemy is now a new member. But it turns out that even Angel has some old "unfinished business" that will be a tough challenge for everyone.
— Subtitled by Sentai Filmworks

13:50 Abunai! Break time!

2:40 Puella Magi Madoka Magica #1
(Subtitled, Dark Fantasy)
"As if I met her in my Dream" - After Madoka wakes from a disturbing dream, we are back in the regular world, and all is well. At least until school that day when a character from the dream appears as a new transfer student, and familiar reality slowly begins to unravel for Madoka and her friend Sayaka. They are about to discover that darker realms lurk beneath the everyday world, and their lives will never be the same.
— Subtitled by Subtitled by Aniplex

3:05 Rozen Maiden Overture #1 & #2
(Subtitled, Fantasy Drama)
"Eternity - Ewigkeit" and "Vanity - Eitelkeit" - When Shinku refuses Jun's gift of the brooch he found, Souseiseki explains it relates back to the Alice Game in a previous era when Shinku took in a mysterious helpless stranger who appeared through the mirror. Shinku does not care to be reminded of what unfolded as a result of her kindness.
— Subtitled by Sentai Filmworks

4:00 Bamboo Blade #19
(Subtitled, High School Kendo Comedy)
"The Armadillo and the Pangolin" - Miya-Miya ends up with a new rival over Dan-kun and it will need to be settled by a Kendo match, but more surprising is Tama's new-found interest: losing.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

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