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June 2 Meeting

For June, we are meeting on the first Saturday, June 2, just a few days after FanimeCon. In a full-length Full Metal Alchemist movie, Edward and Alphonse Elric will investigate a new kind of alchemy. Plus, don't miss our continuing shows! As always, our showings are free, and there is no need to sign-up, RSVP or agree to a nefarious contract. Please join us.

Showings are presented in Japanese language audio with English subtitles and are suggested for ages 13 and over unless otherwise specified. Starting times are approximate: Come early! No-Name Anime meetings are presented in and co-sponsored by the Santa Clara City Central Park Library. Many thanks to the library for hosting our meetings in their community rooms. We are usually in Cedar, but on some months, we might be in Redwood instead. To find us, just follow the signs!

12:00 Toradora #16
(Subtitled, High School Comedy Romance)
"One Step Forward" - Taiga continues to run for student council president as part of her ruse with Ryuji to get Kitamura to run instead. After a late night conversation with Ryuji, it seems Kitamura is willing to transpose with Taiga and become the real candidate. His hair is indeed back to normal the next day, but maybe it is just a counter-ruse instead? The situation can't stay unresolved for long once the current president steps in, but it may boil over before settling down...
— Subtitled by NIS America

12:30 Sound of the Sky #3
(Subtitled, Fantasy Slice-of-Life Drama)
"A Day with the Squad" and "Rio Runs" - Felica, Noel, and Kureha all have duties off-base today, leaving Rio and Kanata to hold down the fort. Kanata reveals her reason for joining the military while they are talking during a break, and then collapses from a sudden high fever. With the others gone, Rio must transform herself from soldier into an unfamiliar role as caregiver.
— Subtitled by Nozomi Entertainment

12:55 Angel Beats #10
(Subtitled, High School Action Drama)
"Goodbye Days" - Otonashi decides that Yui is the first person he and Angel will secretly help to transcend the purgatory world where everyone is stuck. He devises a clever scheme to end up with Yui being at peace, but naturally it does not work out as planned.
— Subtitled by Sentai Filmworks

13:25 Puella Magi Madoka Magica #3
(Subtitled, Cute Magical Girls Dark Fantasy)
"I'm not afraid of anything anymore" - Sayaka and Madoka continue to consider their wishes to Kyubey in exchange for being transported to a life of battling witches as magical girls -- and Mami gives them advice on wish-making. We learn that Kyubey, Mami, and even Homura all seem confident that Madoka will have tremendous power. When they later join Mami on the next battle, it is fortunate that the disliked Homura is there to prevent the outcome from being even more tragic than it turns out to be.
— Subtitled by Subtitled by Aniplex

13:50 Abunai! Break time!

14:40 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
(Subtitled, Alchemical Fantasy Adventure)
Edward is given the seemingly simple mission to recapture a renegade alchemist who has broken out of prison, and he travels to Table City to start the search. Before he even arrives within the city walls, however, the situation has completely transformed into a complicated web of connections. There is the alchemist, Julia (the girl he will rescue), the human chimeras persuing them, the bat militia perhaps after Julia, and the government of the city that has been oppressing the Milos -- the people of the valley -- for generations. As they are drawn in, Edward and Al learn from Julia that the Milos and Table City have long histories of seeking the Philosopher's Stone, an alchemical artifact that can grant immortality -- at the cost of other's lives. Edward and Al eventually realize they have arrived at a time when these competing factions are on the verge of obtaining a Philosopher's Stone, despite the perils that its power will bring.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

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