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About No-Name Anime
indentNo-Name Anime(TM) began in November 1993 in a tiny room at Eastridge Mall. It moved to the San Jose Main Public Library, spent over a decade at the Santa Teresa Library and after some showings at the Saratoga and other county libraries, ended up at the Santa Clara City Library.
indentFrom the start, our goal was to show only subtitled or dubbed anime (preferably subbed), and we've tried to be on the cutting edge of anime by being the first to screen the best shows we could. Over the years, we've managed to premiere shows like Please Save My Earth, Combustible Campus Guardress, Heisei Tanuki Wars - Pon Poko (jointly shown with Foothill A.N.I.M.E.), Magic Users Club, Melty Lancer, the Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2, Whisper of the Heart, and Princess Mononoke. We've also exposed our audience to older, but excellent and thoughtful shows like Touch and Only Yesterday.
indentWe've always helped local anime conventions. In particular, we handled most of the publications and color badges for Anime America '94 and Fanime Con from 96 to 2000. No-Name was, in fact, one of the 4 clubs that helped to start Fanime in '96, and had a staff member on Fanime's board until 2001.
indentAbout 20 years after it all started, in December 2013, the remaining staff retired.
  indent At the Santa Clara Library, we used their AV system which is very nice. At previous locations, our monthly showings used our "AnimeScope" projector on an eight-foot screen, making even the smallest subtitles readable. We also had our special Anime Surround sound to enhance those shows that have surround sound.
indentOur abunai! breaks were a good chance for members to chat with each other, show off various anime-related items they own, and of course, for the No-Name door prize drawings. Attendees at meetings could also pick up a copy of our newsletter, which were always jam-packed with various tidbits of information. In the past it contained our exclusive translations of Megumi-Toon(TM) comic strips.

How to Reach Us:
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Updated December 18, 2013