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No-Name Anime
No-Name: Don't Just Think the Staff, KNOW the Staff
Every month, when you attended No-Name, you'd find some of the staff huddled at the back of the room. Sure, you know we helped start Fanime Con, and you know the kinds of cool premieres we've done, but who, exactly, are the staff? How can you tell who's staff, and who's not? Well, to help you with that, we've put up this page to describe the staff members, so you can embarrass us by greeting us by name, when we don't know yours.

Tom and
	his son at Fanime Tom Bombaci - Tom is one of the founding members of No-Name. Tom has been on hiatus may return someday. Tom enjoyed anime before he even knew what anime was. Running home (yes, he actually ran) to watch Star Blazers on channel 36, that is where it all started for him. Robotech (What, I have to say more?) Tom, along with Warner, was responsible for the color badges at Anime America '94 and later at Fanime Con '95 thru 2000.

Matt Conner - Conner's one of the original founders of No-Name, a techno-geek, and a terribly handy person to have around, too. If you've seen our cool portable screen, you've seen his handiwork.
Favorite anime: Macross and Maison Ikkoku (cause he's a hopeless romantic at heart)

The resourceful and popular Conner
Richard ponders the big questions Richard R. Dutra - Richard's interest in anime began early. As a child he stayed up late on Sunday nights, watching subtitled anime on a San Francisco UHF TV channel. (Anyone remember Brave Raideen?) He grew up on a steady diet of Speed Racer, Godzilla and Star Blazers. Thanks to Andy Kim, in 2000 he joined No-Name's staff and now helps out with PR for the club. If sometimes he seems to be very quiet, he's just contemplating the important questions in life, like: "Who has the better laboratory, Dexter or Washu?"
Favorite Anime: Bubble Gum Crisis, Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke. Favorite Manga: Outlanders, Shadow Lady
Other Hobbies: Hiking, Ballroom dancing

Che-lin Ho - Che is another staff member chivvied into joining by Andy, and has been with the club since its second year. Though his work has kept him very busy recently, he spent his earlier years in the club as one of the liaisons to the club's old subtitling group, and was responsible for bringing many of the tapes and buying some of the shows for the schedule.
Favorite anime: Fushigi no umi no Nadia and Miyu
Interesting fact: Che has two anime license plates.

Is he driving?  Or shooting something?
Andy's also good with a camera Andy Kim - Andy's an anime old-timer who helped organize Anime Con, translated things for Foothill ANIME's newsletter in the 80's, wrote some of the stuff in Anime Expo's old reference guides, helped Cal Animage with stuff in their magazine, and now translates Megumi-Toons for us. Once part of the (in)famous Ranma Project, he's met and played tour guide for Megumi Hayashibara, Hiroyuki Yamaga, and Haruhiko Mikimoto. He's also interpreted for all of them, as well as Satoshi Urushihara. Ultimately, it was (indirectly) due to Andy that No-Name was started at all.
Favorite anime: Legend of Galactic Heroes.
Hobby: promo posters!

Chris Kochan - Chris got hooked on anime when a friend rented Akira. Having seen Tokyo destroyed in the opening minutes, he has since spent the past nine years trying to understand why. He started attending No-Name in 2002 and joined the staff in 2004. Since then, he has been an asset with his mysterious projector repair skills.
Favorite anime: Cowboy Bebop, Trigun
Favorite manga: FLCL
Favorite motor oil: 5W30

The mysterious Chris
No picture Betty Lee - Betty has liked anime for as long as she can remember, but she didn't meet any other anime fans until 1997 when she discovered the existence of Stanford Newtype... which encouraged members to attend FanimeCon 1998... where there was an ad for Foothill Anime... back when they had annual joint meetings with No-Name Anime. It took over nine years after that first visit to No-Name Anime before she finally made it onto No-Name staff in 2007 for helping with the August flyer.
Favorite Anime: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, Perfect Blue, Animation Runner Kuromi
Favorite Manga: Basara, Pet Shop of Horrors, Fruits Basket

Robert Loo - A nice guy who got hooked on anime in the early 70's and never kicked the habit. Volunteered for many conventions since the 80's, but getting better about that (but he volunteered to do the newsletters anyway). Likes to create events and contests, then run away when they're popular. Cheerful and fun to be with, perhaps too much so :) Still has fun causing general mayhem wherever he goes and telling stories about the early days of anime clubs in the Bay Area, like Ann Schubert's parties in Palo Alto or the Hayward CFO meetings.
Favorite anime: Dirty Pair (the original only).
Favorite manga: Love Hina.
Favorite character: Ayukawa Madoka (from Kimagure Orange Road).
Nicknames: Robert, Mughi, Aren't you on staff, Hey you wake up.

The always cheerful Robert
The enigmatic new guy on staff Trevor Menagh - Trevor was introduced to anime in college with Oh My Goddess, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Ranma 1/2 in 1995 and fell into the life-absorbing well that is anime fandom. He founded the Washington State University Anime Club in Fall 1996 which is still going strong today. Now, years later he's still a big fan of Japanese animation, and enjoys spreading the word about this wonderful form of entertainment. He escaped Silicon Valley to teach English in Japan for several years.
Favorite anime: Maison Ikkoku.
Favorite manga: Discommunication.
Favorite character: Ri Kohran (from Sakura Taisen).
Nicknames: Trev (IRL), jumex (Online).

Ed Schwartz - Surprisingly, Ed looks little like the character from Cowboy Bebop. The first No-Name showing he attended was in April 1994. He bribed his way onto staff by donating raffle prizes acquired during business trips to Japan. As a staff member since February 2000, his special skill is to monitor the projector while the more senior staff eat lunch, and these days, to take prodigious amounts of cosplay photos at Fanime for the club.
Favorite anime: AIC OAVS - Ah My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, Vampire Princess Miyu

Eds in Japan? Los Angeles!
No picture Matt Seitz - Matt first got into anime in college, thanks to friends Warner and Dallas. He is one of the No-Name founders and was on staff for 6 years. He enjoys meeting and working with people, so he acted as host, mail list maintainer, press contact, and flyer distributor. He has also worked for Anime America, Fanime Con, and San Diego ComicCon. His recent new duties as Dad have led him to limit his anime to bottom fishing for cheap videos on eBay. He plans to return to the club one day.
First anime: Speed Racer (non-dubbed: Dirty Pair "Project Eden")
Favorite anime: Studio Ghibli (especially Kiki, Laputa, and Whisper of the Heart) and romantic comedies (Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Road, Video Girl Ai, etc.).

Rob Shaw - Rob's refusal from birth to accept "reality" quickly led him to find solace in the animation of his time -- Yellow Submarine, The Point, Watership Down, Looney Toons, Dot and the Red Kangaroo (obscure). However, Battle of the Planets figured prominently even back then, foreshadowing his fated fandom which began when he rented (knowing nothing then of Studio Ghibli) the cartoonily-packaged Disney VHS of Totoro. The mathematics to calculate his astonishment at that moment has not yet been invented.
Anime most resembling his childhood: Only Yesterday.
Other hobbies: Learning Japanese, Digital Video.
Special Powers: Able to eat just one potato chip.

Looking pretty genki Andrew Tei - Andrew got into anime when he discovered a convention called Fanime that occurred a month after he moved to the Bay Area. He got hooked immediately. After a few more months he started attending No-Name meetings and in February 2000 joined the staff. And this year, he even got into fansubbing some titles. Whether its shoujo, shonen, action, comedy, or drama, just settle Andrew in front of that No-Name screen and you've got one very genki otaku!

Sandra Young - Sandra actually comes to club meetings all the time, you just don't see her because she glides in and out using her patented Ninja Stealth(tm). When not engaged in flying around kicking much booty, she does help out every once in a while contributing to staff picks (and some secret things) and trying to bring a more female outlook to this blatantly male-centric staff (after being dragged in by her brother Warner).
Favorite anime: Kiki's Delivery Service

Booty-kicking Sandra!
Warner can't find a better picture Warner Young - Warner started watching anime as a kid in Hong Kong, where he thought all cartoons were like that. Moving to the US, he was shocked to see no anime. But after finding it again in college, and seeing the first Ranma fansubs, he decided to get his friends together and start their own club. Now he does half the club flyers and the web site (and even has an anime license plate). He also helped start the whole color badge thing at Fanime with Tom Bombaci and was on the board of directors until 2001.
Favorite anime: Please Save My Earth and Maison Ikkoku.
Favorite manga: 3x3 Eyes
Favorite singer: Noriko Sakai

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