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No-Name Anime Event List
Here is a list of various special events No-Name Anime has attended, or trips we've taken. Each one has a photo gallery or a detailed report (or both), so you can see what it was like. If you're looking for huge collections of cosplayer pictures, FanimeCon 2004 and 2005 are good choices.

2023 Events
Dec 10th Nameless Anime celebrates with cake and presents the San Jose Public Library, Edenvale Branch!
2022 Events
Dec 11th Nameless Anime celebrates with cake and presents the San Jose Public Library, Edenvale Branch!
Apr 22nd Here's a picture from the first Nameless Anime showing since 2020.
2016 Events
Dec 10th Nameless Anime celebrates their third year and ten years of anime at the Santa Clara Library!
July 23rd-24th J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco including GARNiDELiA, Silent Siren, Tokyo Performance Doll, YANAKIKU, WORLD ORDER, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA and mascots
May 27st-30th FanimeCon 2016 report and pictures
Apr 17th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival
Feb 13th-14th AOD at the Santa Clara Convention Center with voice actress Yuu Asakawa.
2015 Events
Nov 14th Nameless Anime celebrates their second year!
Aug 8th-9th J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco including JAM Project, Aoi Eir, Gacharic Spin, YANAKIKU, FEMM and mascots
Apr 19th Anime Talent Show at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival
May 21st-25th FanimeCon 2015 report and pictures
2014 Events
Dec 13th Nameless Anime celebrates their first year!
July 19th-20th J-Pop Summit Festival including May'n, Tomomi Itano (from AKB48), idol group Tokyo Girl's Style and YANAKIKU
May 22nd-26th FanimeCon 2014 report and pictures
2013 Events
Dec 7th Our 20th Anniversary meeting!
Fall Halko Momoi visits America
Nov 16th Anime Destiny at UC Berkeley
Oct 6th 8th Annual Millbrae Japanese Culture Festival
Oct 4th-6th AnimeiCon in Monterey, California
Sep 29th Japan Center Mall Anime Festival
Aug 30th-Sep 1st Idol Fes Tamagawa and other things in Japan
Aug 23rd-25th Japan Expo USA 2013 in Santa Clara with and You Kikkawa
July 27th-28th J-Pop Summit Festival including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, LoVendoR, SWEETY and the Vocaloid Dance Contest
May 23th-27th FanimeCon 2013 report and pictures
2012 Events
Dec 15th Our 19th Anniversary meeting!
May 24th-28th FanimeCon 2012 report and pictures
2011 Events
Dec 10th Our 18th Anniversary meeting!
Nov 10th & 29th Vocaloid and visual-kei music events
Aug 27th-28th J-Pop Summit Festival including the Vocaloid Dance Contest with Danceroid
May 27th-30th FanimeCon 2011 report and pictures
Mar 27th "Pray for Japan" Japanese Maid Cafe Experience Charity Show
Feb 19th Anime music concert in China: Anisama in Shanghai -Only One-
All year Celebrate the 20th anniversary of AnimeCon'91!
2010 Events
Dec 11th Our 17th Anniversary meeting!
Jul 22rd-25th San Diego Comic Con 2010 pictures
May 28th-31st FanimeCon 2010 report and pictures
2009 Events
Dec 12th Our 16th Anniversary meeting!
Aug 15th NEW PEOPLE grand opening in San Francisco Japantown
Jul 23rd-26th San Diego Comic Con 2009 pictures
May 22nd-25th FanimeCon 2009 report and pictures
2008 Events
Dec 13th Our 15th Anniversary meeting!
May 23rd-36th FanimeCon 2008 gallery index
2007 Events
Dec 8th It's the No-Name 14th Anniversary meeting!
Summer Yoshitoshi wood block prints at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum
May 24th-28th FanimeCon 2007 gallery index
2006 Events
Dec 16th It's the No-Name 13th Anniversary meeting!
May 26th-29th FanimeCon 2006 gallery index
2005 Events
Dec 10th It's the No-Name 12th Anniversary meeting!
May 26th-30th FanimeCon 2005 gallery index
2004 Events
Dec 18th Pictures from our 11th anniversary. Page 1 and Page 2!
Jul 21st-25th San Diego Con 2004 Index
May 27th-31st FanimeCon 2004 gallery index.

2003 Events
Jul 16th-20th San Diego Comic Con 2003 gallery index.
Jun 20th-22nd FanimeCon 2003 gallery index.

2002 Events
Sep 15 Spirited Away benefit auction showing at Pixar: The event and the photos
Jul 31-Aug 4 San Diego Comic-Con 2002: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7
Apr 26th-28th FanimeCon 2002 picture gallery and writeup.

2001 Events
Dec 15th Pictures from our 8th anniversary. Page 1 and Page 2!
Oct 27-28 Pictures from the Metreon Festival of Anime, part 1 and part 2.
Oct 23-Nov 6 The big Japan trip, with photos: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9
Jul 18th San Diego Comic Con Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4
Jul 13th Premiere of Sony Metreon Action Theater
Apr 1st Fanime 2001 photo gallery 1 and photo gallery 2

2000 Events
Dec 16th It's the No-Name 7th Anniversary meeting!

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